Xtreme Duty Pro

For xtremely demanding process applications

The Yamada® Xtreme Duty Pro XDP® is designed for use in process type applications including filter press, high pressure, extended deadheading, long runs of discharge pipe, and where air consumption is critical.

Available in 1-1/2", 2" and 3" port sizes, XDP pumps are built on the liquid platform of a standard (pneumatically-actuated) NDP Series pump, but with a mechanically-actuated air motor. Air power is conserved by actuating the air valve using a mechanical linkage instead of relying on air pressure. Air power is reduced versus a standard air-actuated valve, providing higher pump efficiency.

XDP pumps are capable of running on air pressure equivalents as high as 125 PSI or as low as 5 PSI and provide the same liquid side performance as the NDP series pumps.

Above: animation of the XDP pump's
mechanically-actuated air valve.


For liquid data and diaphragm specifications, use corresponding NDP series pump data.

XDP-50 Aluminum
XDP-50 Aluminum XDP-50 Polypropylene

Literature and Drawings

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