What is SCS-14

SCS-14 is not just a random series of characters; it's a material code that holds significance in our industry. Instead of indicating a particular pump model, it signifies the 316 stainless steel that we use. This specific type of stainless steel is meticulously crafted and integrated into our fluid housings, adhering to the recognized JIS G 5121 standard, which underscores our commitment to quality and precision.

 By arriving at this page, it appears you're on a quest for a dependable Yamada Stainless Steel Pump. Given the assortment of our offerings, we have multiple sizes and configurations to cater to varying needs. Let's embark on a journey together to sift through these options and pinpoint the perfect fit for your requirements.

Here are a few examples showing SCS-14 markings

 SCS-14 markings on a Yamada Pump SCS-14 markings on a Yamada Pump


NDP-5 3.4 GPM Max. Flow Rate | 1/4 in. port

DP-10: 6.0 GPM Max. Flow Rate, 3/8 inch port

NDP-15 13.5 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 1/2 inch Port Size

NDP-20 31.7 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 3/4 inch Port Size

NDP-25 46.2 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 1 inch Port Size

NDP-40 107 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 1-1/2 inch Port Size

NDP-50 164 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 2 inch Port Size

NDP-80 215 GPM Maximum Flow Rate 3 inch Port Size


We also have an assortment of FDA pumps that could also have the SCS-14 marking so be sure not to overlook those as well.