Batch and Speed Controllers

Batch and Speed Controllers

YSC-3B and YSC-3EX electronic controllers are engineered to provide batch or speed control cycles of a solenoid-operated air-powered double diaphragm pump.

The solenoid valve converts the pump to ex-air. When the solenoid valve is energized, one side of the pump receives air, hence when it is unenergized, the other side of the pump receives air.

A cycle is defined as emptying both pump chambers once.

The YSC-3B batch controller provides batch control cycles of a product at repeated intervals. Once the specific predetermined amount has been reached, the control signals the pump to shut off. The system offers 3 separate batch cycles and is programmed using a 7-button keypad. 

The YSC-3EX speed controller can be set at speeds ranging from 1 - 400 cycles per minute.  The sytem is programmed using a 4-button keypad.

The connections for remote usage are a terminal strip also on the circuit board. The circuit board is installed in a NEMA 4X plastic enclosure. The unit always comes up in the last preset it was used in and is ready to run seconds after power is applied.


  • 120 VAC Voltage Requirements
  • Simple to Operate - No complicated programming required
  • Self Contained - No external sensor input required
  • 12 VDC Single Solenoid standard and optional output
  • NEMA 4 plastic enclosure - For use in wet or harsh environments
  • Speed Control or Batch Capable - Capable of controlling cycle rate. Capable of shutting off at a predetermined amount
  • Display - Cycles per minute, total cycles, or flow rate (English or Metric Units)
  • Easy Installation - Remove the standard c-spool assembly and install a solenoid valve to make it an ex-air pump

NOTE: You must use the appropriate pump SOLENOID VALVE when using a YSC-3B or YSC-3EX units.


NDP-5/15 & DP-10/15 Series
NDP-20/25 Series
NDP-40/50/80 Series
YSC-3B Batch Controller YSC-3B Batch Controller YSC-3B Batch Controller
10S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve
10S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve

D = Direct Mount, R = Remote Mount

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