Batch Controllers

Batch Controllers


Designed with the end user in mind, the YSC-3B electronic controller allows the operator to control a fixed amount of total flow for batching purposes. When combined with a solenoid valve, either directly mounted on the pump or remotely installed, it becomes a smart pump capable of batching. The pump no longer has an internal air valve and instead is operated by the controller and the solenoid valve.

The controller offers 3 separate batch cycles, simply programmed by the customer with the 8-button keypad. Pump operation can be done with the batch controller keypad itself or the unit also offers the flexibility of remotely mounting controls by using the integral switch terminal already in the unit. So, if necessary, the operation of the pump system can be remote from the pump and controller itself.

The controller requires 110-volt AC to operate, and it sends a 12-volt DC signal to operate the partnered solenoid valve. The controller will accurately operate the pump to any number of pre-set cycles to be determined by the needs of the operator. The unit also has the flexibility of just "run" mode, allowing the user to bypass the batching function with manual operation.

The connections for remote usage are a terminal strip already on the circuit board. The circuit board is installed in a NEMA 4X plastic enclosure. The unit always powers up in the last preset it was used in and is ready to run seconds after power is applied.


  • 120 VAC Voltage Requirements
  • Simple to Operate - No complicated programming required
  • Self Contained - No external sensor input required
  • 12 VDC Single Solenoid standard 
  • NEMA 4 plastic enclosure - For use in wet or harsh environments
  • Batching - Capable of controlling cycle rate
  • Capable of shutting off at a predetermined amount
  • Display - Cycles per minute, total cycles, or flow rate (English or Metric Units)
  • Easy Installation - Remove the standard c-spool assembly and install a solenoid valve to make it an ex-air pump



NDP-5/15 & DP-10/15 Series
NDP-20/25 Series
NDP-40/50/80 Series
YSC-3B Batch Controller YSC-3B Batch Controller YSC-3B Batch Controller
10S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve
10S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve

D = Direct Mount, R = Remote Mount

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