Proximity Sensor

Yamada Proximity Sensors and Switches

Proximity Sensors are inductive switches that are installed to a pump and used to send a signal each time the pump completes a cycle. 

The signal can be used to count cycles for preventative maintenance, as well as monitoring flow rate. When used for one of these purposes, the signal is usually sent to a basic digital counter that has no control capability.

In addition to giving a totalized readout in cycles, it will also be able to totalize in an engineered unit, such as:

  • Gallons
  • Cubic Feet
  • Cubic Meters
  • Liters, etc.

Most basic counts will also be able to give a readout in GPM, L/M or other flow rates.

When using a proximity sensor with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a solenoid in the air line, you can peform batch metering. Thus allowing you the option to pump to a predetermined amount and have the pump shut off at that predetermined amount. 



Proximity Sensors are available in two configurations
  • P1    10-30 VDC, 3 wire unit
  • P2    24-240 VAC, 2 wire unit

Note: Both configurations include a sensor and connecting cable.

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