Powder Diaphragm Pumps

Yamada® Diaphragm Powder Pumps

Powder Pumps were specifically designed to move bulk solids more effectively throughout your process.
They are a cost effective replacement for Augers and Conveyors and eliminate unsafe and labor intensive means of moving bulk powders. These heavy duty pumps consistently transfer fine-grained (100um or finer), low bulk density (5 to 50 lbs. / cubic foot), dry powders in a dust-free operation.



Principles of Operation

  • Conveying distance depends upon the micron size and the bulk density of the powder. For example fumed silica can be conveyed 150 feet while flour a maximum of 40 feet. Refer to the Yamada “Pumpable Powders” data sheet for specific materials.
  • Powder must be 150 mesh (106 micron) or smaller size particle / powder and dry. The Pump will not pump crystals or flakes and the bulk density should be less than 50lbs / cubic feet. The higher the bulk density, the shorter the conveying distance and the lower the flow rate.
  • The Pump can be located a maximum of 15 feet above powder source.
  • Yamada recommends aeration / fluidization of the powder a minimum of 10 to 15 seconds prior to starting the pump- premature diaphragm, center shaft, and center disk failure can be avoided.
  • PTFE check balls are recommend for sticky powders.
  • Yamada recommends regulating compressed air to 70PSI Maximum.
  • Air volume requirements & capacity
  • For additional pump options, see the Extended Pump Model Nomenclature chart under the Model Nomenclature tab. 





  NDP-40 NDP-50 NDP-80
Maximum Flow Rate 144 cubic ft/hr.
2.4 cubic ft/min.
210 cubic ft/hr.
3.5 cubic ft/min.
420 cubic ft/hr.
7.0 cubic ft/min.
Fluid Port Size 1-1/2" 2" 3"
Air Inlet 1/2" Female NPT 1/2" Female NPT 1/2" Female NPT
Air Exhaust 1" Female NPT 1" Female NPT 1" Female NPT
Air Supply Pressure  20 to 100 PSI 20 to 100 PSI 20 to 100 PSI
SCFM 15 - 90 20 - 105 30 - 120


Aluminum (ADC-12)
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel(316)


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