Petroleum Oil & Gas

Yamada Diaphragm Pumps for Petroleum Oil & Gas

Yamada® Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps are designed to handle tough applications, whether on dry land or offshore. They provide a range of benefits including intrinsically safe operation, resistance to burning out on dry run or deadhead applications, and suitability for shear-sensitive fluids. They offer a small footprint and portability, with the ability to run on natural gas or compressed air. Additionally, these pumps have solids handling capabilities, are CSA certified, and have UL listed models available. They are suitable for a variety of applications such as sumps, filtration, drum unloading, potable water transfer, and more.


  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Pump will not burn out on dry run or deadhead applications
  • Excellent for shear sensitive fluids
  • Flow rates from 1 to 215 GPM
  • Solids handling capabilities
  • Small footprint & portability
  • Ability to run on natural gas or compressed air
  • CSA Certified & UL Listed models available
  • 2:1 High Pressure Pumps


  • Sumps (on- or off-shore)
  • Filtration
  • Drum unloading – Chemicals, diesel, hydrocarbons & anti-freeze
  • Potable water transfer
  • Batching
  • Compressors – oil & anti-freeze
  • Re-circulation of coolant
  • Crankcase oil transfer
  • Hot Glycol Transfer
  • Drilling mud & cleaning
  • Crude oil transfer
  • Heat treaters – flushing the system
  • Filter Press, Utility
  • Tanker/Railcar Unloading
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Day Tank Transfer
  • Settling Pond Transfer
  • Service Rigs

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