Mining Applications

Yamada Pumps for Mining Applications

When it comes to extracting minerals and metals from the earth, Yamada® has the pumping technology required to meet your dewatering and transfer needs. Under the harshest conditions, Yamada diaphragm pumps have built a reputation for being the most reliable and durable pump in the market. All Yamada diaphragm pumps feature a completely non-lubricated air valve, bolted construction and maintenance friendly design.

Key Features

  • Intrinsically safe – no costly electric motor
  • Handles high-viscosity, solids, and slurry-laden liquids
  • Portable – easily transportable from one location to another
  • Submersible
  • Flow Rates from 1 to 215 gpm
  • Pump has ability to run dry and deadhead without harm to the pump
  • Optional abrasion pads for longer diaphragm life
  • Optional de-stroke cushions used to prevent failure in pump – due to settling of solids


  • Slurry Transfer: Double diaphragm pumps are well-suited for transferring abrasive slurries, which are mixtures of water and solid particles found in mining operations. These pumps can handle high solids content and maintain a steady flow of slurry.
  • Dewatering: Mining operations often encounter water accumulation in excavations, tunnels, and open pits. Double diaphragm pumps can be used for dewatering to remove excess water and keep the work area dry.
  • Chemical Transfer: In mining processes, various chemicals are used for extraction, separation, and processing. Double diaphragm pumps can safely and efficiently transfer these chemicals, including acids and other corrosive fluids.
  • Tailings and Wastewater Handling: After the ore has been processed, tailings (waste materials) are generated, along with wastewater. Double diaphragm pumps can be employed to pump and transport these materials for disposal or further treatment.
  • Pumping Reagents: Double diaphragm pumps are commonly used to pump reagents, such as flotation agents, flocculants, and other chemicals needed for mineral processing and separation.
  • Heap Leaching: In heap leaching processes, where ores are stacked in a heap and then treated with leaching solutions to extract valuable minerals, double diaphragm pumps can be used to circulate the leaching solution through the ore.
  • Acid Mine Drainage Treatment: Acid mine drainage is a significant environmental concern in mining. Double diaphragm pumps can be utilized in the treatment of acidic waters by pumping neutralizing agents or chemicals to control the pH.
  • Tailings Pond Transfer: Double diaphragm pumps can be employed to pump tailings from the processing plant to tailings ponds for containment and storage.
  • Mine Water Treatment: Mining operations may encounter contaminated water that needs treatment before disposal or reuse. Double diaphragm pumps can be used to transfer water to treatment facilities for purification.
  • Pumping Slimes: Slimes are fine-grained waste materials produced during the mining process. Double diaphragm pumps are effective in handling slimes and pumping them to appropriate disposal sites.


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