Liquid Level Controllers

Diaphragm Pump Liquid Level Controller

Yamada offers a series of easy to install Liquid Level Controllers, each designed to sense and control the level of fluid at fixed and adjustable set-points. Once the controller maintains the predetermined level, a signal automatically switches the pump on or off based on the value around the set-points.

  • Pneumatic Operation – No electricity required
  • Energy Efficient – Pnuematic operation
  • On/Off Reliability – Automatically starts and stops at predetermined levels
  • Versatile – Single pump operation: controls fill or evacuation levels;
    Dual pump operation: controls both evacuation and fill levels simultaneously
  • Compact – space saving design controls pumps up to 20 ft. distance

LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller is a totally pneumatic system designed to automatically start and stop Yamada Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps when the liquid level within a tank, sump, etc. reaches predetermined levels.

LLC-3 Sump Pump is a traditional “float type” system designed for a 5 gallon pail or sump of equal depth. The pump is controlled by an internal float which actuates an air valve. As the liquid level in the sump rises, the pump automatically starts and operates until the liquid level drops below a predetermined level.

LLC-4 Floatless Sump Pump is perfect for lowering into a tank or pit to pump out the last bit of liquid that the centrifugal pump could not remove.

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