High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

High Pressure Pump Manufacturer

3/4" - 3" fluid ports

Yamada® High Pressure Diaphragm Pump Manufacturer offers 2:1 ratio pumps designed for applications where 100 PSI maximum pump operating pressure is insufficient to overcome system requirements.

The flow rate is roughly half of the equivalent size pump output, though a maximum discharge pressure of 180 PSI can be achieved with only 100 PSI air inlet pressure supplied.

The 2:1 discharge ratio is achieved by applying air pressure to the surface area of both diaphragms, doubling the discharge output.


Key Advantages

  • No elaborate bypass required
  • No relief valves required
  • No complicated controls required
  • Great pressure retention (ability to hold pressure)



Port Sizes 3/4" through 3"
Flow Rate 1-100 GPM
Discharge Pressure Up to 180 PSI
Max. Size Solid <13/32" (10mm)
Construction Material    Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, or Aluminum wetted materials
Diaphragm Material EPDM, Neoprene, Buna N, Viton®, Santoprene®, and Hytrel® elastomers
Controls No elaborate bypass, relief valves, or complicated controls required.  Excellent pressure retention.


Charging Filter Press

High Head Requirements

High Viscosity Fluids

Solids Laden Slurries


Model # Description
851515-HP NDP-20BAN-HP
851516-HP NDP-20BAE-HP
852693-HP NDP-20BAS-HP
851520-HP NDP-20BSN-HP
851522-HP NDP-20BSV-HP
851528-HP NDP-25BAN-HP
852701-HP NDP-25BAS-HP
851538-HP NDP-25BSN-HP
851539-HP NDP-25BSE-HP
852703-HP NDP-25BSS-HP
852223-HP NDP-40BSN-HP
852710-HP NDP-40BSS-HP
852712-HP NDP-40BSS-HP NPT
852423-HP NDP-50BAC-HP
852229-HP NDP-50BAN-HP
852424-HP NDP-50BAE-HP
852230-HP NDP-50BAH-HP
852717-HP NDP-50BAS-HP
852426-HP NDP-50BSE-HP
852304-HP NDP-50BSV-HP
852841-HP NDP-50BFC-HP
852843-HP NDP-50BFS-HP
854251-HP NDP-50FAN-HP
852429-HP NDP-80BAC-HP
852238-HP NDP-80BAN-HP
852725-HP NDP-80BAS-HP
852432-HP NDP-80BSE-HP
852654-HP NDP-80BSE-HP NPT
852728-HP NDP-80BSS-HP NPT
852856-HP NDP-80BFH-HP
852861-HP NDP-80BFS-HP

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