Dry Run Detector

Dry Run Detector

The Yamada DRD-100 detects increases in air volume due to loss of prime or dry running, and automatically shuts down the pump to prevent excess cycling and increased diaphragm wear.

  • Extends life of diaphragm
  • Eliminates air consumption in dry run applications
  • Prevents air valve from premature failure
  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Supports remote warning systems

The DRD-100 is applicable to every device that is driven with compressed air. It detects an increase in airflow or decrease in air pressure and shuts down the compressed air supply.


External Output Detector

Using this connector will allow you to transmit a signal to an external device when a surge is detected. Use a tube fitting to connect this connector to a control device. When using a pneumatic-electro convertor, you can convert the output from this connector into electrical signals. The supplied air pressure remains unrestricted when the DRD is in normal operation. It is only when a surge in air volume is detected that the DRD shuts off the supply air.

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