DP-Dampeners For High Purity Pumps

Diaphragm Pump Dampeners for F-Series PTFE Pumps

Yamada® Dampeners for F-Series PTFE Pumps


  • For all F-Series, Phantom Series, and Slurry Servant Series PTFE pumps
  • 100% PTFE wetted construction
  • Reduces pulsations up to 90%
  • Easy to install
  • Explosion-proof, air-powered design
  • Completely automatic



Pulsation dampeners are designed to reduce pulsations normally associated with air-powered, double-diaphragm pumps, thereby protecting the entire pump system from the damaging effects of shock. Yamada offers a complete line of high-purity pulsation dampeners for a variety of applications.

Typical Dampener Connection

Without Pulsation Dampener With Pulsation Dampener


Model Number
Fits Pump Models
Air Inlet
Liquid Inlet & Discharge
AD-10TT F-Series:DP-5F, DP-10F
Phantom: PDP-10
Slurry: SDP-10
1/4" NPT 3/8" NPT or 
1/2" Flaretek
8.8 lbs. (4.0 kg)
AD-25TT F-Series: DP-20F, DP-25F
Phantom: PDP-20, PDP-25
Slurry: SDP-20, SDP-25
1/4" NPT 1" NPT or 
1" Flaretek
26.5 lbs. (12.0 kg)
AD-38TT F-Series (only): DP-38F 1/4" NPT 3/4" NPT or 
1" Flaretek
84.0 lbs. (38.0 kg)

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