DP-25F High Purity Pump

High Purity Pump DP-25F

  • Available with 1" Flaretek or 1" ANSI flange liquid connections
  • Maximum flow up to 28.0 gallons/minute
  • End-user maintainable
  • Self-priming
  • Field-proven design
  • Clean room manufactured, DI water tested,
  • nitrogen purged, and double bagged
  • Ball or flat check valves available
  • Dampeners for F-Series PTFE Pumps

Pump Material

  • Casing: PTFE
  • Manifold: PTFE
  • Body (non-wetted): Polypropylene

Check Valve: Ball or Check Valves available.

Flat check valve is recommended for increased flow (up to 5%) and suction lift applications. Ball check valve is recommended for flooded suction or viscous liquids.

Discharge Volume/Cycle: 0.105 gal (400 cc)

Maximum Cycles/Minute: 230

Port Dimensions

  • Liquid Inlet & Discharge: 1" Flaretek or 1" ANSI flange 150#
  • Air Inlet: Female 3/8" NPT
  • Air Exhaust (with muffler): Female 3/4" NPT

Air Supply Pressure: 20 to 100 PSI (1.4 to 7 kgf/cm2)

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 212° F (100°C)

Net Weight: Flaretek 86.2 lbs. (39.2 kg)

Flange: 88.2 lbs. (40.0 kg)

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