CSA Certified Diaphragm Pumps

Yamada® CSA Certified Diaphragm Pumps


Yamada®, a global leader in the air-operated double diaphragm industry, provides a line of CSA Certified natural gas-driven pumps that are as rugged as the great northern terrain. The CSA Certified series is based on the tried-and-true NDP Series pumps, which have had a consistent design for many years. These pumps have a reputation for providing excellent service over the years. The CSA Certified pumps are available in sizes 3/4” (NDP-20) and 1” (NDP-25) and offer reliability, efficient operation, and safety.

Features of the Yamada® CSA Certified natural gas-driven pumps include natural gas power, non-stalling air valve, long diaphragm life, all-metal construction, outside accessible air valve, lube-free operation, maintenance-friendly design, outstanding performance, all-bolted design (no band clamps), and commonality of parts (NDP-20/25).


• The CSA Certified Series pumps are designed to operate in challenging environments, such as those found in the oil and gas industry.

• These pumps have been engineered with safety in mind and are compliant with CSA standards for use with natural gas.

• With a simple design that minimizes the number of moving parts, these pumps are easy to maintain and repair.

• The non-stalling air valve ensures smooth operation and reduces downtime.

• The all-metal construction of these pumps makes them highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

• With a long diaphragm life, these pumps require less frequent replacement of parts, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

• The outside accessible air valve makes it easy to monitor and maintain the pump, even in the field.

• The lube-free operation of these pumps eliminates the need for oil changes, reducing maintenance requirements and environmental impact.

• The all-bolted design of these pumps ensures a secure seal and reduces the risk of leaks or failures.

• The commonality of parts between the NDP-20 and NDP-25 models makes it easy to stock and replace parts, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

CSA Certification Class 3305-10 & 3305-90 limits natural gas temperature range to 32°F–125°F.




Port Sizes: 3/4", and 1"
Flow Rates: 1-46 GPM


Model # Description
854021 NDP-20BAN-CSA
854022 NDP-25BAN-CSA


:: Aluminum (NDP-20)
Dimensions: 9.80" W x 12.5" H
Net Weight: 19.8 lbs. (9.0 kg)
Shipping Weight: 23.8 lbs.
:: Aluminum (NDP-25)
Dimensions: 11.30" W x 14.93" H
Net Weight: 28.7 lbs. (13 kg)
Shipping Weight: 33.7 lbs.

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