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As laws and regulations change around the country, you may start hearing about CBD and other products related to the hemp and cannabis (burgeoning) industry. Out here in the West, we’ve seen a ton of activity from the CBD Oil business. Whether building extraction machines for resale or for the use in their own facility, there are applications for diaphragm pumps. The caveat is, what the exact application in the process remains a mystery. Exact processes remain a closely guarded secret as there are several technologies for extraction.

The three most common types of extraction are CO2, Ethanol and Hydrocarbon. CO2 is the most difficult, but appears to be the purest form of removal. CO2 allows for the extraction of oil without leaving residual oils and the need for more processing. It is CO2, in fact, where we see the lion’s share of the pumps being sold. As previously stated, the intricacies of the application are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but we do know that Stainless Steel and EPDM are the materials of choice. Stainless for it’s resistance properties and EPDM for its ability to operate down to -40 degrees. Both standard SS and FDA pumps have been used as well as NDP and Tri Clamp fittings.

NDP-25 Stainless Steel Pump

Lastly, the most common sizes that we have seen are the NDP-20 and NDP-25. For more information, visit www.yamadapump.com or call toll free (800) 990-7867.

NDP-25 FDA Pump

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