EX Air Valves

EX Air Valves

When we refer to EX-Air Valves we are talking about electrically controlled shuttle valves, as opposed to a pump that uses a c-spool piloted by an air signal from the pilot valve. The EX-Air Valve is available on all pumps except the NDP-15 series pumps.

This type of valve can be directly mounted on the pump or remotely mounted. It is available in single or dual solenoid versions in 12VDC, 24VDC, and 115VAC.

A pump equipped with this type of valve is used for metering and batch control. It is used with our YSC-3 controller or can also be used with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

The standard Ex-Air valve that is used with the YSC-3 controller is a 12VDC single solenoid valve.

Review the below table to select the appropriate direct mount or remote mount valve for your EX-Air application.



NDP-5 & DP-10/15 Series
NDP-20/25 Series
NDP-40/50/80 Series
10S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-D EX-Air Solenoid Valve
10S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 20S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve 40S012-R EX-Air Solenoid Valve

D = Direct Mount, R = Remote Mount

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