Automotive Fluid Transfer

Automotive Fluid Transfer

Yamada® Automotive Fluid Transfer Pumps provide flexibility and portability for tank-to-tank automotive fluid transfer. Air powered and therefore intrinsically safe, Yamada automotive fluid transfer pumps are ideal for both stationary and mobile applications.

Air Powered - Portable - Safe

Yamada Automotive Fluid Transfer Pumps

Feature everything you need for reliable fuel transfer:

  • Lightweight/portable
  • Outside service accessible air valve
  • Precision bolted construction
  • Intrinsically safe air-powered operation
  • Power pump remotely with 100 PSI air connection
  • Control fuel tank levels with an optional Yamada® LLC-2Y Liquid Level Controller

Yamada Automotive Fluid Transfer Pumps

Transfer a variety of fuel and motor vehicle fluids:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Biodiesel fuel
  • D.E.F. (diesel exhaust fuel)
  • Oil (gear, engine, waste)
  • Brake fluid
  • Anti-freeze
  • Windshield wiper fluid

Yamada Automotive Fluid Transfer Pumps

Outfit stationary or field applications for:

  • Heavy equipment fueling / 1LB
  • Earth movers & cranes
  • Construction vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Fleet fueling
  • Storage tank transfer

Yamada® KPL-24™ Grease Lubricator

24-volt electric automotive grease lubricator


For safe use of this product, follow warning and caution symbols as indicated on the product and as noted in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Contact your Local or State Department for general and permanent rules under the Code of Federal Regulations.

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