Yamada® offers a wide range of pumps and pumping solutions specifically designed for the paint and coatings industry. Whether your needs are for a large manufacturing facility or a smaller application where the transfer of spray coating and finishing products are required, Yamada has set the standard with performance, reliability and value.

Industrial Applications
Yamada pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial applications where the transfer of fluids is required. Their pumps are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, making them a popular choice for many different industries.
Alternative Energy
Biodiesel, Ethanol, Wind and Solar

Whether you need a 3" pump for your biodiesel facility or an Ultra High Purity Pump for your solar panel fab, Yamada's many material options have got you covered.
Environmental Remediation
Our diaphragm pumps are specifically designed to aid in oil pipeline repair and hydrocarbon remediation efforts. With air-powered, submersible, and portable features, these pumps provide a safe and efficient solution for environmental cleanup.
Automotive Fluid Transfer
Automotive Fluid Transfer Pumps by Yamada® offer adaptability and portability for automotive fluid transfer between tanks. As they are air powered, these pumps inherently ensure safety. They are perfectly suitable for both static and mobile applications, making Yamada automotive fluid transfer pumps an excellent choice.
Chemical Pumps
Yamada pumps are used to transfer and circulate various chemicals in chemical plants, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and more.
Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
Yamada® FDA-compliant pumps are engineered for the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Industries where 3A or USDA standards aren't needed.
Mining Applications
Yamada® specializes in robust pumping technology, ideal for extracting minerals and metals. Renowned for reliability under extreme conditions, Yamada diaphragm pumps feature a maintenance-friendly design, a non-lubricated air valve, and sturdy construction.
Petroleum Oil & Gas
In the oil and gas industry, Yamada pumps are used to transfer crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other fluids used in the extraction, transportation, and processing of oil and gas.
Paint & Coatings
Yamada pumps are used to transfer paints, coatings, and other liquids used in the production of industrial paints and coatings.
Brewery Pumps
CLEANING & TREATMENT: CIP and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals.
PROCESS: General Liquid and Specifics (Hops, Sugars, Bottling/Keg Filling, Hops/Beer Slurry).
GENERAL & WASTE: Waste Yeast, Sumps, Product Transfer, Wine Processes (Tank Over, Fermentation/Pumpover).
Powder Pumps
Yamada Powder Pumps were specifically designed to move bulk solids more effectively throughout your process.
Wine and Winery
From the West Coast to the East Coast, North America boasts an array of world-class wines. In the same vein, Yamada® Pumps make an excellent selection for all your winery requirements. Whether it's for pump overs, juice pans, barrel operations, or toppings, Yamada provides comprehensive solutions for the wine industry.
THC/CBD Extraction
In the cannabis industry, Yamada pumps are typically used to facilitate the transfer of various fluids or solvents that are used during extraction processes
Lithium Mining Application
Yamada Double Diaphragm Pumps, with their distinctive design, are perfectly suited for transferring lithium slurry, thanks to their ability to delicately manage abrasive substances. Their corrosion-resistant build further makes them a top choice for operations in harsh chemical conditions.
Yamada pumps are used in agriculture to transfer fluids like water, fertilizers, and pesticides. Their robust and safe design is ideal for handling varied agricultural substances, even those with solid particles.