AD-10, 25, 40, 50 Dampeners Series

Diaphragm Pump Pulsation Dampeners

Yamada® AD Series Pulsation Dampeners greatly reduce pressure fluctuations in fluid flow when mounted as close to the pump as possible. Yamada® AD dampeners incorporate a completely automatic self-relieving air motor if an increase or decrease in discharge head occurs.

pump output without pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement without AD dampener.

For fluids with high solids content, Yamada®AD dampeners incorporate a flow-through design which keeps solids in suspension, maintaining dampener effectiveness. Yamada® AD dampeners do not restrict fluid flow, or increase fluid pressure, but compensate the voids and pressure fluctuations created by an air-powered double diaphragm (AODD) pump.

pump output with pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement with AD dampener.


  • Flow through desing keeps solids in suspension
  • Totally automatic air motor-self relieves if discharge head reduces
  • Low air consumption
  • Bolted construction
  • PFTE coated air side optional



Compressed air is introduced to the top section of the pulsation dampener at the same operating pressure of the pump. When the air opereted double diaphragm pump produces a pulse, fluid will enter the in-line dampener. As fluid enters the dampener, the trapped air behind the dampener is compressed. The fluid remains in the dampener until the system pressure returns to normal or when the pump begins another cycle. The fluid is then pushed back into the system piping as the trapped gas expands. The dampener does not restrict fluid flow, nor increase its pressure, but fills the voids and pressure flunctuations created by an air operated double diaphragm pump.


Dampener Model that fits the Pump Model
AD-10 (3/8" Port)
NDP-5, NDP-15, DP-10, DP-15
AD-25 (1" Port)
NDP-20, NDP-25, NDP-32
AD-40 (1-1/2" Port)
NDP-40, XDP-40
AD-50 (2" Port)
NDP-50, NDP-80, XDP-50, XDP-80


Material Available

Aluminum (ADC-12 (3/8" Port)
All Models
Stainless Steel (316)
All Models
Cast Iron
AD-25, AD-40, AD-50
Polypropylene (PPG)
All Models
AD-25, AD-50


Diaphragm Available

Choice of 7
Neoprene, Buna N, EPDM, Hytrel®, PTFE, Santoprene®, Viton®



Air Side Coating
PTFE grey coating (XP)


Metering / Injection / Dosing:  smoothing out discharge flow, increasing accuracy

Filter Press / Inline Filters:  Increase filter efficiency by providing smooth flow.

Spraying:  Smooth and consistent spray pattern is easilty accomplished.

Filing:  Eliminates inconsistent filling and splashing.

Transfer:  Eliminates harmful water hammer, which damages piping and valves.



Mount the pulsation dampener as close to the pump as possible. This will allow the pulsation dampener to see as much operation pressure as possible, which will increase pulsation dampener efficiency and effectiveness.

If the pulsation dampener is to be used in a low head application, you may need to add a control valve after the pulsation dampener to restrict flow and increase resistance.

Mount the pulsation dampener in a horizontal position. Vertical positioning is acceptable if you are pumping a clear fluid.

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