AD-10, 25, 40, 50 Dampeners Series

Diaphragm Pump Pulsation Dampeners

Yamada® AD Series Pulsation Dampenersgreatly reduce pressure fluctuations in fluid flow when mounted as close to the pump as possible. Yamada® AD dampeners incorporate a completely automatic self-relieving air motor if an increase or decrease in discharge head occurs.

pump output without pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement without AD dampener.

For fluids with high solids content, Yamada®AD dampeners incorporate a flow-through design which keeps solids in suspension, maintaining dampener effectiveness. Yamada® AD dampeners do not restrict fluid flow, or increase fluid pressure, but compensate the voids and pressure fluctuations created by an air-powered double diaphragm (AODD) pump.

pump output with pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement with AD dampener.


  • Flow through desing keeps solids in suspension
  • Totally automatic air motor-self relieves if discharge head reduces
  • Low air consumption
  • Bolted construction
  • PFTE coated air side optional



Compressed air is introduced to the top section of the pulsation dampener at the same operating pressure of the pump. When the air opereted double diaphragm pump produces a pulse, fluid will enter the in-line dampener. As fluid enters the dampener, the trapped air behind the dampener is compressed. The fluid remains in the dampener until the system pressure returns to normal or when the pump begins another cycle. The fluid is then pushed back into the system piping as the trapped gas expands. The dampener does not restrict fluid flow, nor increase its pressure, but fills the voids and pressure flunctuations created by an air operated double diaphragm pump.


Dampener Model that fits the Pump Model
AD-10 (3/8" Port)
NDP-5, NDP-15, DP-10, DP-15
AD-25 (1" Port)
NDP-20, NDP-25, NDP-32
AD-40 (1-1/2" Port)
NDP-40, XDP-40
AD-50 (2" Port)
NDP-50, NDP-80, XDP-50, XDP-80


Material Available

Aluminum (ADC-12 (3/8" Port)
All Models
Stainless Steel (316)
All Models
Cast Iron
AD-25, AD-40, AD-50
Polypropylene (PPG)
All Models
AD-25, AD-50


Diaphragm Available

Choice of 7
Neoprene, Buna N, EPDM, Hytrel®, PTFE, Santoprene®, Viton®



Air Side Coating
PTFE grey coating (XP)


Model # Description
853313 AD-10AC
853314 AD-10AN
853316 AD-10AH
853317 AD-10AS
853315 AD-10AT
853318 AD-10SC
853319 AD-10SN
853321 AD-10SH
853322 AD-10SS
853320 AD-10ST
853323 AD-10PC
853324 AD-10PN
853326 AD-10PH
853327 AD-10PS
853325 AD-10PT
853328 AD-25AC
853329 AD-25AN
853330 AD-25AE
853333 AD-25AH
853334 AD-25AS
853331 AD-25AV
853332 AD-25AT
853335 AD-25SC
853336 AD-25SN
853337 AD-25SE
853340 AD-25SH
853341 AD-25SS
853338 AD-25SV
853339 AD-25ST
853349 AD-25FC
853350 AD-25FN
853351 AD-25FE
853354 AD-25FH
853355 AD-25FS
853352 AD-25FV
853353 AD-25FT
853342 AD-25PC
853343 AD-25PN
853344 AD-25PE
853347 AD-25PH
853348 AD-25PS
853345 AD-25PV
853346 AD-25PT
854973 AD-25VEN
854976 AD-25VHN
854977 AD-25VSN
854974 AD-25VVN
854975 AD-25VTN
853361 AD-40AC
853362 AD-40AN
853363 AD-40AE
853366 AD-40AH
853367 AD-40AS
853364 AD-40AV
853365 AD-40AT
853368 AD-40SC
853369 AD-40SN
853370 AD-40SE
853373 AD-40SH
853374 AD-40SS
853371 AD-40SV
853372 AD-40ST
853382 AD-40FC
853383 AD-40FN
853384 AD-40FE
853387 AD-40FH
853388 AD-40FS
853385 AD-40FV
853386 AD-40FT
853375 AD-40PC
853376 AD-40PN
853377 AD-40PE
853380 AD-40PH
853381 AD-40PS
853378 AD-40PV
853379 AD-40PT
853389 AD-50AC
853390 AD-50AN
853391 AD-50AE
853394 AD-50AH
853395 AD-50AS
853392 AD-50AV
853393 AD-50AT
853396 AD-50SC
853397 AD-50SN
853398 AD-50SE
853401 AD-50SH
853402 AD-50SS
853399 AD-50SV
853400 AD-50ST
853410 AD-50FC
853411 AD-50FN
853412 AD-50FE
853415 AD-50FH
853416 AD-50FS
853403 AD-50FV
853414 AD-50FT
853403 AD-50PC
853404 AD-50PN
853405 AD-50PE
853408 AD-50PH
853409 AD-50PS
853406 AD-50PV
853407 AD-50PT
853417 AD-50VE
853420 AD-50VH
853421 AD-50VS
853418 AD-50VV
853419 AD-50VT


Metering / Injection / Dosing:  smoothing out discharge flow, increasing accuracy

Filter Press / Inline Filters:  Increase filter efficiency by providing smooth flow.

Spraying:  Smooth and consistent spray pattern is easilty accomplished.

Filing:  Eliminates inconsistent filling and splashing.

Transfer:  Eliminates harmful water hammer, which damages piping and valves.



Mount the pulsation dampener as close to the pump as possible. This will allow the pulsation dampener to see as much operation pressure as possible, which will increase pulsation dampener efficiency and effectiveness.

If the pulsation dampener is to be used in a low head application, you may need to add a control valve after the pulsation dampener to restrict flow and increase resistance.

Mount the pulsation dampener in a horizontal position. Vertical positioning is acceptable if you are pumping a clear fluid.

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