Abrasion Pads

Abrasion Pads

Yamada® Abrasion Pads are used in abrasive applications to minimize the wear rate of a diaphragm. They provide an extra layer of protection between the outer portion of the diaphragm and center disk. Abrasion Pads protect against the commonly seen wear pattern that develops in abrasive service applications and helps extend the life of the diaphragm.


Diaphragm Materials
Neoprene (C)
Buna N (N)
Viton® (V)
Santoprene® (S)
Hytrel® (H)
Abrasion Pads are not available for PTFE fitted pumps or in port sizes less than 3/4"

Available Sizes & Materials
NDP-20 (3/4")
C, N, E, V, S, H
NDP-25 (1") C, N, E, V, S, H
NDP-40 (1-1/2") C, N, E, V, S, H
NDP-50 (2") C, N, E, V, S, H
NDP-80 (3") C, N, E, V, S, H

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