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View the Yamada® SolidPRO® in action at a chicken processing plant

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Yamada® SolidPRO® Pump
Designed for Solids Handling

Yamada® SolidPRO® pumps are designed to pump fluids containing solids up to 2 inches (50mm) in diameter. Built on the foundation of the NDP-Series line of pumps, SolidPRO® pumps incorporate Yamada's patented stall-free/lube-free air valve and rugged, easy-to-service bolted construction.

Designed for durability in the field, the SolidPRO pump's innovative flap-type check valve technology provides streaming passage of solids while minimizing clogging and downtime. Four external bolts release valve covers on either side permitting service and maintenance without removing the pump from installation.

Design Features

  • Heavy-duty flap check valve permits passage of solids up to 2 inches
  • Easy access to valve chambers for ease of maintenance
  • Vented diaphragm chambers alleviate problems associated with trapped air/gas
  • In-line maintenance facilitates servicing pump without removal from installation
  • Top-suction / bottom-discharge design keeps solids from settling in pump
  • Non-lubricated air valve
  • Bolted construction
  • Short-stroke technology improves diaphragm life
  • Outside-accessible air valve
  • Modular pilot valve design requires no dynamic O-rings to replace or repair

Design Specifications

Model Number: NDP-50FAN

Nominal Diameter: 2 inch (50 mm)

Fluid Connections

Suction: NPT 2 or ANSI flange
150# 2" equivalent

Discharge: NPT 2 or ANSI flange
150# 2" equivalent

Air Connection

Supply: NPT 3/4"
Exhaust: NPT 1"

Normal Air Supply Pressure

30 -100 PSI (0.2 -0.7 MPa)

Maximum Discharge Pressure

100 PSI (0.7 MPa)

Discharge Volume per Cycle

0.79 GPM (3.0 L/min)

Slurry Limitation: maximum 2" solids

Maximum Operating Noise:  94dB

Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)



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