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Yamada® AD Series Dampeners
for Yamada® NDP and XDP® Series Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps

Yamada® AD Series Pulsation Dampeners greatly reduce pressure fluctuations in fluid flow when mounted as close to the pump as possible. Yamada® AD dampeners incorporate a completely automatic self-relieving air motor if an increase or decrease in discharge head occurs.

pump output without pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement
without AD dampener.

For fluids with high solids content, Yamada® AD dampeners incorporate a flow-through design which keeps solids in suspension, maintaining dampener effectiveness. Yamada® AD dampeners do not restrict fluid flow, or increase fluid pressure, but compensate the voids and pressure fluctuations created by an air-powered double diaphragm (AODD) pump.

pump output with pulsation dampener

Pulsation measurement
with AD dampener.

Equalizes discharge pressure spikes, increasing accuracy.

Filter Press/Inline Filters
Increases filter efficiency and life by providing a smooth flow.

Smooth, consistent spray pattern eliminates inconsistent filling and splashing.

Eliminates harmful water hammer, preventing pipe and valve damage.

Yamada® AD-10 Series
Fits models NDP-5, NDP-15;
DP-10, DP-15

Yamada® AD-25 Series
Fits models NDP-20, NDP-25,
and NDP-32

Yamada® AD-40 Series
Fits model NDP-40 and DP-40-HD

Yamada® AD-50 Series
Fits models NDP-50, NDP-80,
DP-50-HD, and DP-80-HD



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